Review: “Batman v Superman” … v Fun?

Saw “Batman v. Superman” last night. Minor spoilers ahead. Movie was meh. Ben Affleck was solid (and potential there, though, he really plays Bruce’s jingoism all the way. ‪#‎gop‬), Henry Cavill’s performance was as stiff as his hair (wow that hair!), Amy Adams/Lois Lane character is criminally underdeveloped and the film overall could use a much stronger plot (or an actual one, rather than serving as a 2-plus hour Justice League intro) and a lot more humor—particularly in post Christopher Nolan (maxed out seriousness to full potential)/Iron Man (LOL)/Deadpool (ROTFL) era. Brief highlights: Wonder Woman (you will cheer or you have no pulse) and Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luther threads (GQ/Esquire approved; may have found my summer look….).

Damning review by the NYT, here.

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